If you live somewhere temperate, where it never gets that cold GOOD FOR YOU. SURE, WINTER SUCKS, BUT AT LEAST I GET TO STUNT IN SOME SHIT YOU SEE ON THE SARTORIALIST. All you warm weather dweller types maybe get a tweed jacket if you're lucky. I'm over here brushing off my baby soft down shoulders, bruh. Aspesi makes a lot of technical outerwear and this blazer is nothing different. According to Tres Bien it has "several" interior pockets, which can only mean one thing: “ROOM FOR ALL YOUR POGS! FINALLY YOU CAN CARRY ALL YOUR FAVORITE SLAMMERS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO!" Now that we’ve shown you a sick jacket, get on Tumblr and ask your favorite Internet superstar where you can get something similar for 50 bucks because you suck.