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For those of you who follow street style blogs, the volume of photographs was unusually large this past week due to New York Fashion Week. Fashion editors, bloggers, celebrities, and regular folk were out and about jumping from show to show in their freshest outfits. If you fit the mold of an "influencer" you can also bet your picture was taken two times more than anyone else. 

Brands are now taking notice and applying good old product placement techniques to get their clothes seen by the masses—a.k.a. the Internet. As this New York Times article points out, young brands as well as a few established ones are tossing free swag to those deemed worthy or with the most reach as a way to promote their wares. With everyone out peacocking and expressing their individual style, this is the last place you would think advertisements woul do. But when you get offered free gear and sometimes $2,000 up to $10,000 for rocking an item, how can you turn it down? Would this be even considered street style anymore? What do you think?

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