We know what you're asking: The fashion industry is racist? No way! Fully 20% of the models at New York Fashion Week are people of color, and since 20% of the world's population is people of color, and... Wait, what's that you say? The world isn't 80% white? Don't you watch television? 

OK, we digress. Of course the fashion industry is racist. Any institution that's been around since loin cloths will have had its share of ignorant and racist moments. What may surprise you is how many of the fashion industry's racist moments are of recent vintage.

Yes, we've got a black president (and he and his family introduced the era of "black classiness"—or so says French Elle), but fashion still has plenty of WTF moments. So wrap that African print scarf around your neck, don your Native American headdress, and let's take a walk down not-so-fond memory lane with our History of Racism in the Fashion Industry.