At first I was like, "Noooo, c'mon, guys, Phelps? Get the all the way the fuck outta here. How could you play my boy, the human version of shutter shades, Lochte like that?"

Then I was like, "Wait, he's in a bath tub! A tiny, stupid French bath tub and he's wearing a Speedo. Ha! That's hilarious! He's the greatest humanoid porpoise hybrid in the history of the universe and they've got him plunked down in about three gallons of water with his fucking goggles on his head."

You see why that's funny, right? For me to spell it out anymore would be an insult to your intelligence.

Problem is, it's not entirely clear that Mr. Phelps, Annie Lebowitz (renowned photog who shot the campaign) or Louis Vuitton are in on the joke. Historically, LV ad campaigns aren't exactly comedically inclined. In fact, they tend to be rather dry, self-serious and wistful. Almost mockingly so. This one makes you think. Shit, maybe they're in on it after all.