Everyone's always talking about "swag, swag, swag" when it comes to flaunting their style and sometimes we'd wish you all would just shut the fuck about it, but sometimes there's a brand worthy of that designation—specifically En Noir. Complex sat down with head designer Rob Garcia and partner CurT@!n$ (sweet screenname, bro) to talk about their debut collection. It's a label that melds the high-fashion aesthetics of Rick Owens and Balmain, but actually makes it wearable off the runway. When you've got heavy hitters like Kanye and A$AP Rocky paying actual money to wear your shit, you've pretty much made it in the industry these days. "Having Rocky and ‘Ye wear it and actually like the stuff was really dope for me to know that I’m making things that two respected, fashionable figures really enjoy," said Garcia. Ye's affinity for leather pants isn't exactly a secret and recently he's been seen rocking his En Noir leather sweatpants in true Yeezy fashion. Their web store is officially up and running now and launched today.


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