Pranav Vora, Hugh & Crye 

"In our first collection (F/W 2010), we had a French/double cuff shirt in two colorways; blue and white two-ply Italian poplins. Our production prototypes looked great, and we were excited to introduce a more formal shirt to our conservative base in Washington, D.C. When we received our product and were inspecting it, we noticed the cuffs were off. The manufacturer actually produced the shirts with 'convertible' cuffs—ones that have buttons like you would expect in regular shirts, but an extra button-hole so that they can be worn with cuff links as well. Oddly enough, the convertible cuff has done extremely well with our customers. They love the flexibility, especially over a French cuff shirt. We weren't happy about the manufacture messing up, but in the end, our customers didn't mind the convertible cuff, and in fact preferred it. We continue to produce the convertible cuff in many of our styles today for that reason."