MegaBlack Scale 

"There are obstacles of running a company daily, especially being an independent company. We are trying to run a machine without all the knowledge other successful companies have. We learn everyday and mistakes are always made but the scariest part I ever experienced was when a big retailer like Metro Park closed and they owed us $100,000 plus, which would probably be nothing to a big company, but for us, funding everything we do on our own, something like that can kill you.

"We took that experience and really changed up our distribution game. We stopped gambling and started making just enough so we know the volume we are making won't kill us in case another big door business shuts down. The craziest part about that was they accepted all the goods in their warehouses the day before we got the bankruptcy papers telling us Metro Park will be going out of business. People will snake you and don't give a fuck who you are because all they are worried about is their own business. Always make sure you have a great relationship with the smaller guys with smaller doors and create a product that the bigger doors can sell out so your money is guaranteed."