Billy Moore, Cause & Effect

"Well as far as horror stories go, just starting a brand is scarier than anything Freddy Kruger has ever dreamt up. The stress is crazy, the hours long, and money non-existent. That said, the first time someone else loves what you created puts you in a state of euphoria. The most valuable lesson I have learned involves patience and faith in yourself. I have wanted my stuff in stores so badly that I have put it on consignment and in stores I knew were sketchy pays. It left me short on cash and depressed. Believe in your product and ask around about stores. The menswear market is really small and most info is just an email or two away. Always value yourself and your time but when you do give in to the moment (and you will) and go against your instincts, step back, have a beer and a shot of moonshine, and do what you do best—making something really fucking cool."