Based in Northampton, England, Tricker's has been making benchmade shoes since 1829. Of their most memorable models, anything brogued works, but you can't knock the brogued Stow boot. Made for the country, these rugged boots are made to look good and last forever. They also manufacture shoes for designers like Thom Browne, Junya Watanabe, Oliver Spencer, and many more. Sometimes, you just can't beat the originator.

Founded in 1884, the Alden Shoe Company has its roots in New England. Using a variety of technological innovations, the company used revolutionary machinery to increase productivity, and the Eastern Masschusetts' shoe industry was born. The company got lots of shine from Harrison Ford, who wore their 403 work boot during his days a carpenter, and insisted he rock them when he played Indiana Jones. As such, the boots have attained the nickname the "Indy boot," and amateur archaeologists and menswear fiends have lusted after them ever since. They've also been tapped for special make-ups for companies like J. Crew, Unionmade, and Self Edge.

Edge: Alden. Sure, the English invented the Goodyear welt and bench-made shoes, but the Americans made it better with new manufacturing techniques and a streamlined factory model.