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“It’s about communicating. It’s about how we use the language which can be part of our history or part of other history, and how we transform it into today’s language."

Ai Weiwei has used his Twitter graphically, as he did his blog, posting Twitpics of moments that have now become major parts of his life. One such moment is when he was beat by local police on August 12, 2009, in a hotel room in Chengdu. The image he posted is from the Munich University Hospital, where he learned he was suffering from a brain hemorrhage. He was there to install his landmark exhibition, So Sorry, at the Haus der Kunst, which included a large selection of his work, including the 1994 Han Dynasty Urn with Coca-Cola Logo.

The injury prevented him from being a witness on behalf of the activist, Tan Zuoren. Ai Weiwei recorded (as shown in the documentary) his many attempts to file reports against the officer who hit him.