Both Jerry's Artarama and the Canadian site Curry's, each recommended on the Plutonium Paint website as the major American and Canadian retailers, list the price as $12.99 per can. I managed to get a couple of cans “on sale” for 9.79 each--shipping not included! Plutonium is the brand on this list that I am the least familiar with, and I have to say, it actually seems like a really good paint. It smells refreshingly nice and it covers remarkably well. Plutonium is a nice and thick, environmentally friendly, American-made spray paint. It also has a ''Anti-Gravity Valve'' that ensure the ability to spray paint from the can from any angle. But while keeping the price point in mind, the limited color range, and the fact that only Plutonium caps seemed to work with the paint ( .75 cents each), your money or your racking ability are most certainly better spent on any other brand of paint on this list.

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