The original Montana a.k.a. Spanish Montana; or MTN is as good as spray paint gets and is the premier spray paint brand for solid quick coverage. The Hardcore line is a nice consistent high pressure gloss finish, and its available in a wide selection of vibrant colors. "Hardcore 2" is highly anticipated and it is soon to hit the American market, promising to be a quicker drying, high gloss, and high pressure line with 88 total colors, 45 of which are new to the MTN brand.

MTN's 94 line available in 147 colors, is the perfect compliment to the Hardcore line with it's lowered pressure, matte finish, and the 9 step chromatic color gradations. If I had to "pick the fly-shit out of pepper"; the only drawback to the 94 brand is it's tendency to leave a very slight overspray on clean lines.

The MTN Colors site took me to this site to shop—but the prices are incredibly expensive. I usually am able to score MTN for around $4-5 dollars per can. For the price and its premium quick quality effectiveness the MTN lines are definitely one of the two best spray paints readily available in America today.