Molotow’s Belton brand spray is one of best paints there is. Many writers and artists consider it the best. Made in Germany, with the help of artists, Belton set the standard for it’s pressure sensitive valve system. Belton also has some of the highest grade pigment making the paint completely opaque, consistent, and vibrant. The Premium line is low pressure and contains more than 251 colors making it the largest color scale available in an individual spray paint brand. Belton also has an “Action-line” of high-pressure paint, which is the premier bombing paint of it’s kind.

The Molotow website describes the High pressure line as “smooth,high coverage and fat! These products are dedicated to fulfill huge surfaces in a fast way.” I couldn't have written it better. Unfortunately, Belton is not widely available, and it is rather expensive at $5.95 plus shipping from Art Primo.