Anytime our favorite fashion couple speaks, we listen. And we listen good. There may not be a more genunie, honest fellow than Sid Mashburn in all of menswear—his continuing rising stock and success can attest to that. Mail Chimp recently sat down with both Mr. and Mrs. Mashburn to talk inspiration, methodology and process. It's tough for us to imagine a scenario where anyone reading this isn't already familiar with the Mashburn operation, but, if that's the case, this is as good of an entry point as any. And in the much more likely scenario that you're already a huge fan, well, we're happy to point you in the direction of another glowing piece of press for the man in Atlanta with the plan to help all men dress better. Somehow still not sold? You drive a hard bargain, but maybe Sid can convince you, "Our store is for all men, all ages, and all income types, that like what we are doing and how we approach things from a cultural perspective. It helps us have a broader customer base, and that's more interesting and more fun to us.”