Shooter Down, 2011

"There were people running past me on Sunset Boulevard with fear in their faces. There were cars violently turning with screeching tires avoiding the intersection at Sunset and Vine. The last man that past said that someone was shooting. I ignored him and walked in the direction everyone was running from. There was a troubled man firing at random cars. It was surreal at first, but the reality of the situation set in and I ran for cover. As I was taking a camera out of my snap shot bag, a patrol car made the seen with two plain clothed LAPD officers. I shouted at one that he had to do something. He ran down Vine and I followed close behind. The officer shouted for the shooter to put down his weapon a couple times and the shooter yelled back, 'I want to die!' Holding a knife in his left hand, the shooter made a sudden move as if he were drawing the .45 he was firing on innocent people, and he was hit five times by the officers .45. I shot several frames right as the shooter went down as several officers ran north up Vine in my direction. Seconds after, I saw a man who was shot slumped in the driver seat of the silver Mercedes. I looked back at the shooter and he was motionless in the street."

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