In a world filled with fast-fashion mega-corporations, it's nice to know that companies like UNIS still exist to provide the discerning man with quality-made garments that'll actually last longer than an awkward first date with the girl living above your apartment (that was bad). Eunice Lee (hence the name UNIS, get it?) has been in the business for over ten years, and in recent times it's been the chinos that get her the most attention.

The entire production process takes place in America, with fabric sourced from fine Italian mills—that's how they earned their well-worth-it $198 price tag. Constructed just like tailored trousers, they feature a button-fly and full waist curtain, which in layman's (non-blogger) terms mean they'll be ridiculously comfortable. Although the Gio chino is already slim, they also come in a trimmer model called the Gio Skinny for those who like an even slimmer profile. So, if you're still looking for the perfect pair of pants this summer, look no further. You can check out their full selection here.