Captain America

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941)
Created by:  Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

Cap's World War II roots are often explored, and his classic costume hasn't changed much when it got translated to film. Sure, he's rocked a lot of different togs during his decades-long career of heroing — among them, a murdered-out stars and stripes outfit that would become the costume of U.S. Agent, and more recently, a simple long sleeve T-shirt with the stars and stripes motif he rocked as plain ol' Steve Rogers. Overall, it's a simple outfit that isn't hard to get wrong, which is why it was surprising that his 1979 T.V. movies had his kit so, so off the mark when they were able to pull it off in the 1944 serials starring Dick Purcell. In the '90s, Matt Salinger (yep, J.D. Salinger's kid), looked the part in a pretty accurate costume, but that couldn't save the movie from being horrible.

In Captain America: The First Avenger, fans of his original togs get a shout-out when Cap is enlisted to sell war bonds. The wings on his head and goofy red boots are shown to look pretty ridiculous. When he finally starts kicking some ass, he throws on a brown moto jacket, before getting fully kitted out as the Cap we know and love. Taking a cue from the comics' Ultimate Captain America, he doesn't have wings protruding from his helmet. Instead, they're painted on, paying homage to the classic costume detail. For The Avengers, his outfit resembles his comic counterpart even more, with the addition of futuristic-looking red boots and gloves. Maybe the Cap of today loves Raf Simons and Pierre Hardy?

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