The prolific yet elusive Banksy has been shaking up the art world and defending street art in times where far too many are silent. He's continuously recognized for beautiful, political artworks that mysteriously show up on walls around the world, and most recently, for his Academy Award-nominated film Exit Through the Gift Shop. As many know, the very same greedy, throw-away culture he protests in his work, ironically contains the art dealers and clientele who excavate and reappropriate his work. Despite this, Banksy continues to make blatant, meaningful statements in his work about injustices worldwide, and there is perhaps no other artist today that does it so effectively and momentously.

We ranked and chose his 15 Best Recent Works according to their distinction from his works in total, their popularity, and the impact they've made since their discovery. Whether found in real world spaces or exclusively on his website, these recent pieces are symbolic of Banksy's influence and legacy, and will be loved, hated, studied, and debated for years to come.

The 15 Best Recent Works By Banksy