Alex Maclean's Up on the Roof reveals a world above New York City that most would never see. Maclean began as an architect who became a pilot and acclaimed photographer by combining his love of flying, art, and design in a way that no one before him has done. The result today are exhibitions and books that celebrate what can only be seen from the sky, much of which surprise, amuse, and even startle viewers. Upon on the Roof marks the first time that he's focused on one city -- an interesting choice given the abundance of non-urban discoveries he makes in one of the most urban cities, NYC.

The person who thinks they know New York the most will certainly be proven wrong by this book. From a large, functioning rooftop farm in Brooklyn to revealing aerial views of the High Line, Rockefeller Center, and MOMA, there are places to explore, swim in, eat at, farm, and witness amazingly large-scale graffiti. 

By exploring the complexity and diversity of the ever-exciting city of New York, Alex Maclean shows its "green" potential, as well as how we can make our cities more livable by using outdoor spaces well.

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Published by Princeton Architectural Press.