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The opening of Tom Sachs Space Program: Mars consisted of countless installation and multimedia displays exploring the notion of space travel to the red planet. For more than three years, Sachs and his studio assistants prepared their own elaborate DIY expedition aimed to discover new frontiers in outer space. Consisting of 50 sculptures, five films, and various prints, Sachs was able to convey his own simulated space launch and capsule-gathering at the Park Avenue Armory.

The popular artist arranged a collection of launch platforms, mission control stations, exploratory vehicles, and other finely crafted components vital to an actual space launch.

Opened now until June 17, hit the thumbs to check out a preview of Tom Sachs' Space Program: Mars, and check out the accompanied video clip found below. [Wired via AmoryOnPark]


Tom Sachs
Space Program: Mars
Park Avenue Armory
Now-June 17