You Wear A Sportcoat to the Laundromat

We get it, you can tie a tie in seven different ways and fold a pocket square in ten. You can tell if a jacket is fused or fully-canvassed in its construction by pulling apart the chest piece just so, and to top it all off, you can pronounce names like "Massimo Dutti" and "Charvet Place Vendôme" mad accurately. But um... do you ever relax?

Seriously. Do you ever just get down in your white tee and walk around the house all casually while doing normal person shit like Swiffering the floor? It's cool to nerd about clothes and all, but not every week is Fashion Week, and no, there are no Illuminati cameras hidden everywhere to document your every steezy move. You might have heard the expression that it's best to dress like you have somewhere better to be, but that works best in a social setting, not when your "to-do list" consists of taking out the trash and cleaning the ring around your bathtub.