You Can't "Class It Up" When You Need To

Your boy's getting hitched in a month. You rifle through your wardrobe full of limited-edition graphic tees, ill M-65 jackets, and Jordans upon Jordans. What you don't have, however, is a proper suit. Even if you're streetwear down to your boxers, that doesn't mean you shouldn't skimp when it comes to tailored gear, either.

Brands like SuitSupply and J. Crew offer well-cut suits that are slim without being skinny, and they're reasonably priced. There's no reason any guy shouldn't be able to throw on a nice, versatile navy or gray suit when the time comes for it. Keep it on ice for those times you need to really stunt, and please, please, please, get a pair of hardbottoms that aren't square-toed.