Twenty-six-year old Max Irons is the first actor to represent Macy’s INC Men’s Collection and it’s easy to see why they would break tradition to sign him. Not only is he the son of Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons, and a rising movie star in his own right, but the dude has that easy style and natural charisma that all men can relate to (even those who don’t pay much attention to fashion).

We recently caught up with Max at the London Hotel in New York City, and discovered that when it comes to style, his icons are the embodiment of easy cool. “I recently discovered how Clint Eastwood was when he was young. He was very cool,” says Irons, who then added James Dean to his list of style heroes. “All of them—they do what they do and wear what they wear, and it speaks for how they exist.”

True to the Eastwood/Dean ethos, Irons likes to “keep things simple and clutter free,” but he is still English after all, and considers himself to be at least somewhat “buttoned up.” “I love nice coats and I like things to be fitted,” Irons explained— “nice skinny jeans, that kind of thing. Not too casual.” When asked how INC fits into his aesthetic, Irons answered, “it pretty much is my aesthetic. The INC Collection is classic with a modern edge to it, which is what I go for.” We asked Max for his cool-but-not-too-casual personal essentials, and they included his iPad, his backpack, and “a good pair of shoes with a proper sole.” Max had a hand in some of the edits for the collection, which came as a big relief to the frequently photographed young star. “So often you find yourself wearing ridiculous outfits and feeling distinctly uncomfortable,” Irons admitted. He went on to say that the relationship with Macy’s to this point feels like a “really wonderful partnership.” No argument here.