The Museum of Sex isn’t an ordinary museum. You take an institution dedicated to the politics and history of human sexuality and boundaries for provocative work are quickly broken down. Showcasing erotic images, sculptures caught in the act, and sensual street art, the museum turns double-take worthy art into an educational tool. As you can imagine, the themes are intriguing.

So, what happens when a rap group that has ladies “twerking” to their music enters Museum of Sex for the first time?

Travis PorterQuez, Ali and Strap – have shown us strip-club anthems are never a dime a dozen. “Make It Rain, “Bring It Back” and the latest “Ayy Ladies” featuring Tyga are all infectious singles climbing the Billboard rap charts. Just recently, their behind the scenes footage of the “Ayy Ladies” video shoot shows a hotel packed with pretty women in bathing suits. Basically, these guys know how to make music that taps into their naughty side.

By no means are street artists art critics but we couldn’t pass on the opportunity for a Travy report. While Strap was still in Atlanta due to his arrest for gun possession, we got Quez and Ali to give us their thoughts on the current exhibition, F*CK ART, which includes works by renowned street artists like DICKCHICKEN, LUSH and Patch Whisky. What’s the final verdict? “We [are] about to make our own sex museum with just a whole bunch of ladies – shaking.” Coming soon.

As told to Eric Diep (@E_Diep), Photos by: Corrie Zaccaria

Join Travis Porter at the Museum of Sex.