Shitty weather all around us has us pining for those days just a few weeks back when you thought spring just might be coming a little early. We're still pining for those days, but this time it's so we can rock some of the awesome new spring/summer 2012 items Japanese brand Bedwin & the Heartbreakers just dropped. Great color palettes and patterns for items like the Harrison Mountain Parka ($640), the Tailor Pin Dot Shirt ($192) Dez Big Pocket Pants ($332) and more. They've also got some fun accessories, including the Greg New Era Cap ($114) and Shawn Sunglasses ($268) to put you right in that springtime mood instead the shitty winter one you're in now.

The goods are now available through Bricksworth, so stock up now so you have even more to look forward to in the upcoming months. [Bricksworth]

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