You go to work, sit behind a desk for 8 or so hours, and it's not always spreadsheets and daisies. Maybe you messed up that TPS report, maybe your boss needs you to come in this weekend, or maybe even that jump-off from accounts receivable dumped your ass in favor of doing some "team-building exercises" with the douche from outside sales.

Sometimes you need an adult beverage to make all of these adult problems go away, and that's perfectly fine. What isn't ok, is thinking whatever you wore to the office is acceptable in a social setting. True, a perfectly tailored suit looks good on any guy, but so does a high/low look that balances the ease of a casual outfit with a little bit of dressed-up class. We found ten easy pieces to inject into your work wardrobe that also make the transition into the play that comes after... and who knows? You might get a little play yourself.

Of course, the whole point of happy hour is that libations come at a discount. So we've gone the extra mile and picked out goods that are all under $200. So before you go dipping your pen in the company ink, check out Cheap Thrills: A Happy Hour Style Guide.