Estimated Salary (in NYC): $30,000
Where to Apply: Mediabistro, Daily Fashion Jobs,
How to Make It: Be able to explain to old people why exactly they're paying you to run their social media accounts, use jargon like "metrics" and "return-on-idea."  Master the art of talking about "work" without "talking about work."

Getting a brand's name out there is as important as the clothes it makes. True, there are some brands out there that can stand on the merits of their products, but a strong marketing team—whether at an agency or in-house—keeps people talking about the brand.

With the advent of social media, young people with a passion for twitter and tumblr have been brought into the fold of companies looking to utilize those platforms and get their clients' or brand's names circulating on them. If acquiring reblogs or twitter followers is something you're good at, that's a skill that can be applied to an entry-level marketing or social media gig.