Estimated Salary (in NYC): Unpaid, transportation and lunch compensated.
Where to Apply: MediabistroDaily Fashion Jobs,
How to Make It:
 Be motivated. Make yourself known to other people in the office without trying too hard to please everyone (you can't; you won't). Chill out, try to do good work and help out where you can, and constantly try to improve your skills and learn as much as you can while you're there.

The absolute best way to get paid for what you'd for free is well... do it for free, at first. There's horrible internships and there's great internships, but there's plenty of either. Whether your dream is working for a reputable fashion house, a luxury boutique, or a big magazine, nothing gives you a better look at what you're getting yourself into than an internship. You'll see how the business operates, get to network with the people there, and if you hustle hard enough, could even land yourself a job.

If your dream happens to be working for a big magazine though, Complex is currently looking for interns for the Spring semester...