Estimated Salary (in NYC): $28,000
Where to Apply: Mediabistro, Journalism Jobs, Daily Fashion Jobs
How to Make It: Be a dick about grammar and punctuation. Read magazines, books, and websites constantly (twitter doesn't count). Cultivate a network of contacts at public relations agencies and brands so you can pitch your own stories.

Dream of working in publishing? You're going to need a few internships under your belt, and if you're lucky, you'll land an editorial assistant position. No, you won't be making coffee every morning, but you will get to pore over copy and look out for small details like typos, punctuation errors, and fact-checking. You might even get a couple of bylines for online articles or blurbs in the magazine.

Keep in mind, most publications have two separate teams for web and print. So assistants can have very different responsibilities. For print, that could mean checking page layouts for glaring errors and inaccuracies, while for the web that means looking over blog posts with an eagle eye for the same things, while occasionally even writing some of your own.