Next up in our ongoing series of city-centric graffiti lists is Chicago. The Windy City has produced some of America's finest writers. We enlisted Wdata, contributor Roger Gastman's massive The History of American Graffiti book, and he selected the greatest painters of the last 30 years.

It would be easy to pick 25 writers from the early 80’s alone. If thats what your looking for; just pick up a history book my friend. This list was made with all personal issues and agendas aside, and it was made from the birds eye view of a longtime fan.

I know this list of my opinions will bring plenty of hate, but I gotta say it was fun. It took way too much time, and major emphasis was put on being honest and realistic.

Style, quantity, originality, fame, and longevity were all considered while determining the all-time 25 greatest graffiti writers from Chicago. In no particular order...

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