Spy movies have gained a following since their debut in the 1960s, when communist paranoia was at an all-time high and Cold War-era Americans feared Russian espionage. Over time, these suave, sophisticated gents have been reimagined and parodied, but one thing that has been consistent over the spy movie history is their style. These guys manage to rack up a kill count, foil a terrorist plot, save the world, and smash the the girl — all while looking absolutely fresh. 

The release of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol definiitely reminded us of that, and we also just can't get enough of Complex cover girl Paula Patton. Not every CIA or MI6 field agent necessarily has a license to kill it, so we paid attention to the cinematic spies that consistently grab our attention. Sit back, sip a  martini (shaken, not stirred of course), and check out The 10 Most Stylish On-Screen Spies.