Two things come out of the art scene of 2011. First, people still love the blockbuster show. Willingly, folks lined up for hours to catch Alexander McQueen at the MET. And, similarly, people crowded further up Museum Mile to see All of Maurizio Cattelan's work hung spectacularly at the Guggenheim.

Then, of course, there was Art In The Streets.

The exhibition, pioneering in scale, brings us (via the blockbuster) to the second noticeable trend of 2011. 

Second, but perhaps most important, street art in 2011 became an undeniable force. Major museum's from coast to coast mounted exhibitions celebrating graffiti artists and muralists. Galleries in LA and NYC showed the cream of the crop. Auction gavels still struck at high prices. And, most of all, we ate it up. If 2011 was something, it was the year of street art.

Still, charming exhibitions of historical nature pleased us. As did retrospective exhibitions highlighting the work of artists we'd previously ignored. We even learned that Ice Cube is a bit of an architectural genius.

This all makes for a good, varied year in art. Busy, yes. Boring, never.

The 10 Best Art Exhibitions of 2011.