Pierrepont Hicks Woolly Booger Tie
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Royal Blue 1" Tie Bar
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Gray Tipped Knit Tie
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Ditch the bow tie and go for a necktie. Too many guys opt for the bowtie and you don't want to be one of them. A bow tie is simply played out and used by too many dudes who think they know how to dress well, only to look like a fool because they've paired a wide, black, silk bow tie with a slim chambray shirt. Not a good look. Besides, a four-in-hand necktie loosened up a little, with the top button of your shirt undone, is a look that shows you either don't take yourself too seriously, or you're a bit faded. Both mean you're potentially easier to talk to, which means she just might give you a chance. And should you succeed, let's just say neckties are much better than bowties when it comes to certain... improvised techniques in the heat of the moment.