New York's own UNIS, designed by Eunice Lee, has gained a strong cult following because of her unpretentious clothing that purportedly fits like a dream. The brand's Gio chinos have had people singing her praises, while occasionally griping about the price point. For Fall, Eunice unveiled her first foray into suiting — which will set you back about $900 per suit.

It's true, her goods are by no means cheap, but they're made in Los Angeles from premium fabrics — usually from Italy — and she stands by the precise patterns of her clothing, as do many of the men she has transformed into faithful converts. UNIS pieces tend to be a testament to subtle luxury: extremely wearable and durable, yet refined without being too formal.

This new lookbook, art directed by Jake Davis and shot by up-and-coming photographer Justin Chung, encapsulates the brand's accessible cool guy aesthetic. It eschews glossiness and stylized urban environments for white walls, beat-up kicks, and natural posturing. The result is clothing that speaks for itself, and that's always something we can get behind.