Exofficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, $25 
Champion Moisture-Wicking V-Neck 5-Pack, $16 
Smartwool New Classic Rib Merino Socks, $18 

Traveling can make you feel really gross. Fight it with quick-drying gear that protects against moisture and odors. These breathable boxer briefs are anti-microbial and are easily washable in a sink, that's why backpackers prefer them on long trips where showers come few and far between. We suggest you still shower on a regular basis though. Moisture-wicking v-necks are preferable under your buttondowns or comfortable cardigans, and act as a first line of defense against pit stains. Soft merino wool socks also defend against moisture and odor, and unlike cotton socks won't leave your feet feeling like a locker room after a long day on the go.