The Modern Preppy

Regularly Reads: Unabashedly Prep, Ivy Style, The Trad, Off The Cuff
Favorite Things: Maine, Critter Pants, Divorce
Most likely to use the term: “Sailing.”

No, he's not a snob, and he does not have a sister named Muffy. He does know a couple of Chads, a Trey, and a Tripp. He's different though. He embraces his preppy lifestyle but is not a victim of it. He wouldn't be caught dead in an oxford shirt from Vineyard Vines and his taste in music goes beyond MGMT and Vampire Weekend. Like The Americana Blogger, he too yearns for the old days. He did go to an Ivy League school, but certainly not when they handed out well-fitting sweaters embroidered with your graduation date upon matriculation. Deep down, all he really wants to be seen by a Japanese editor, who upon noticing his lime green go-to-hell repp tie, decides to take photos of him for a magazine.

He probably has...
An Epaulet Caine Navy Hopsack Sportcoat, $650
A Garden Print Bowtie, $45
A Kiel James Patrick Bracelet, $45
A Pair of Alden Cordovan Leisure Moccasins, $573