We owe a lot to R.L. Stine. Honestly, in this day and age, it's amazing most of us can even read at all. If you think back to when you were a kid, you have to remember staying awake with a flashlight skimming through the latest pages of Goosebumps. Stine created 62-editions of the original series and each one was actually pretty sick and twisted.

You might not be aware of the impact Goosebumps really had, but these books were once something we looked forward to. Long before the days of reality TV and the Internet, kids read — and we read Goosebumps. If you're lucky enough to still have a few lying around, you'll notice the covers were always illustrated in a crazy way. For the original series of books, it was artist Tim Jacobus who was responsible for the awesome art, and he counts Monster Blood II and Egg Monsters From Mars among his favorites.

Each cover took about four or five days to paint, and they were more than just a teaser for the story inside. They were the foundation to help guide our imagination into Stine's dark and awesome world.  Since Halloween is approaching, we felt a little nostalgic and revisited our favorite childhood series for a look at the greatest Goosebumps cover art.

No need to worry about spoiler alerts, we just give a brief synopsis of the book's tale — if you wanna really know what happens, read the damn thing. Check out our ranking of the 25 Greatest Goosebumps Book Covers.

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