When word first reached our ear about Marni Kotak's limited engagement, "The Birth of Baby X," we couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. The pregnant Brooklyn-based artist, known for mourning her grandfather, losing her virginity, and even being born (well, via re-enactments) before audiences, recently made headlines after announcing that her latest exhibit would entail opening the Microscope Gallery doors to anyone who cared to see the birth of her baby. Of the event, the artist has said, " I hope that people will see that human life itself is the most profound work of art." Alrighty then.

Kotak, however, is far from the first to put herself out there in the name of art. Stepping out from behind the lens, canvas, or what have you, and putting one's own self at the center of an exhibit is a practice that dates way back, and seems to invite more and more bizarre displays each year. From condoms to car crucifixions, check out some of the most unbreakable cases on our list of the 10 Most Insane Art Stunts.

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