Have you seen the cool guys around town rock boots with thick white soles lately? No, it's not a new crop of trendy orthopedic shoes, it's Vibram is making a huge comeback in the streets (—yes, the company that makes FiveFinger toe shoes, but no, not the shoes we're going to talk about). Originally invented for mountain climbing, these soles make boots more durable and extremely comfortable, unlike most boots on the market. 

Vitale Bramani, creator of Vibram, developed the soles after 6 of his friends died while climbing the Alps. He then created Vibram rubber because it has amazing grip and traction abilities. Everyone from Timberland, Sperry, Burton, North Face, and cult favorite Mark McNairy has created shoes with Vibram soles. So what are you waiting for? We found the Best Vibram Sole Boots Available Now—tread without caution.