Tatt Book, written by JK5,  explores the full artistic lives of twenty fellow tattoo artists. Daniel Albrigo, Steve Bryrne, Mike Davis, Mike Giant, Stephanie Tamez, and Amanda Wachob are among the featured. Together these artists represent well the current spectrum of the tattoo scene.

In their respective fine art, each exhibits distinct individual flare. Giant, for example, is well known for his illustrations (particularly of cute cycling chicks). Mike Davis, on the other hand, paints narrative works inspired by the Dutch baroque. While image heavy, the very brief written profiles successfully share the influences and interests of all included and contextualize the aesthetic of the tattoos and fine arts effectively.

Though Tatt Book doesn't quite match its own claim of presenting "Visionaries of Tattoo" (there are quite a few folks omitted that truly fit this distinction), the book is a great starting point for those wishing to explore different types of tattooing and get to know the names of a few good artists. The book releases in October.

© Tatt Book by Joseph Ari Aloi, Universe, 2011.