Urban Outfitters has found itself in trouble in the past by copying designs from independent designers and peddling products that later had to be recalled due to consumer protests. Now it seems the Philadelphia-based company has a new problem on their hands: portraying an underage girl in a sexually suggestive manner.

Photographer Jason Lee Parry — who's done work for the likes of Vice, Paper, and Thrasher — is responsible for the imagery in question, depicting a girl in several suggestive positions. The 15-year-old model was apparently shot in L.A. during March 2010, her parents fully aware of the suggestive nature of the shoot. In a bold move, now those parents are seeking $28 million in damages for plastering their daughter's Lolita-like mug on a variety of merchandise, including t-shorts.

The above shirt is no longer being sold on the Urban Outfitters website, but its product name is the Jason Lee Parry Bike Tee, so we're pretty sure that's the model in question.