Jeffery "King Kase 2" Brown (aka Kase 2/Case 2) passed over the weekend at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Known as an originator of the "camouflage" sketching technique, Kase 2 famously called himself "a style king" in 1983's Style Wars. Along with Butch 2, Kase 2 was one of the most famous members of The Fantastic Partners (TFP), a Bronx-born graffiti crew that helped popularlize whole car bombing during the 1970s. Kase 2, who occasionally spelled his name with a "C" for a different graphic punch, will be remembered for inimitable styles that influenced a generation of younger NYC graffiti writers.

Longtime friend DJ Kay Slay (aka DEZ), shared these words with us:

"Rest in peace King Kase Allah aka Kase 2 TFP!! The King of Style! I had the honor of meeting Kase2 when I was 16 years old. I also had the honor of being side by side with Kase 2 in the 1st hip-hop/graffitti documentary/movie Style Wars, in one of the film's most memorable scenes. The two of us were rapping on a subway platform in the bronx! Kase 2 was a mentor to many of us in the ghetto, where he stayed strict on us about being creative in our culture and life principles. Kase 2 will truly be missed by all of us!"

Enrique Torres, aka PART-ONE, also offered his thoughts on a fallen friend:

"KASE and I met back in 1974. Since then we have been on a magnificent journey through this culture. We had a mutual bond that only certain writers can understand. KASE was a tremendous talent considering his unfortunate handicap, but KASE was having none of that. We've been through both hard times and good times. He should always be remembered for the true style master that he was, a truly ultra magnetic talent. There will be no other, he was my brother, "KING-KASE-2" R.I.P. Forever the death squad, The Fantastic Partners, Baby."

Kase 2 will be missed. We celebrate his legacy with a selection of some of his greatest work.