Ping Pong Tables

James DeWulf's concrete ping pong table is comprised of concrete and steel, and weighs in at a whopping 900 pounds. Of course, at that weight you wouldn't wanna move it, which is why it doubles as a dining table as well. This isn't the only concrete ping pong table though, Henge Tables makes their own versions and partners with corporate donors to place them in national parks sometimes.

We really dig this limited-edition ping pong table from James Perse though. Designed with the same principles as the rest of the James Perse Furniture Collection, it's made in the USA from environmentally-farmed teak wood, features an upholstered and formed drawer, leather net, handmade paddles and James Perse-branded ping pong balls — and you can convert it to a dining table or conference table thanks to an optional teak table top.