Epaulet is known for their smart selection of fairly-priced, well-made wardrobe staples. While their jeans have gotten attention for their clean fit and simple detailing, their chinos and trousers are a mainstay on Internet forums and tumblrs everywhere. Not only is the fit spot-on, owner Mike Kuhle is very particular about the fabrics he chooses.

The result of his keen eye and attention-to-detail are pants that dress up well with a buttondown shirt and hardbottoms but also won't look out of place with a pair of New Balance kicks and a simple tee. With the weather getting cooler as we near the end of August, a nice pair of trousers should definitely be on every modern dude's Fall pick-up list, and with interesting fabrics like a slim horizontal corduroy or the dope wool flannel cargo trouser, any of these is a great candidate.

Epaulet Fall/Winter 2011 Trousers: 
Horizontal Corduroy (Italian Fabric): $175
Cramerton Cloth (American WWII repro fabric): $185
Brown Houndstooth (Italian fabric): $185
Grey Flannel Cargo Trouser (Italian Fabric): $200
Navy Flannel (Italian Fabric): $225
Wool & Cashmere Dress Trouser (Italian Fabric): $225
Olive Tattersall (Italian Fabric): $225

Available soon at Epaulet.