Chuck: Tanks  /  Mikey: Marianni Sampele Custom Clothing

Chuck: Tank tops [are] just summer gear.

Mikey: I found this old designer dude out of Chicago, an older gentleman who has been designing clothes for a while. He makes a lot of custom joints. He takes old store names and basically makes the stuff that they won’t make. Like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus won’t make a tank top or a varsity jacket, but [Marianni] will still make it in a quality way and now you’re getting stuff that never existed. He’s putting together the stuff that you wish people would make, but they won’t. You don’t know if it’s old, you don’t know if it’s new, you don’t know if it was a sample, you don’t know if it’s something somebody stole off the production line—I like the whole mystery of it. Puff got a sweatsuit from him though. Me and Puff Daddy are the only ones who have a suit by him. He asked me where I got mine from and I put him on. Basically, I found the new Dapper Dan and he’s an older Italian guy!