Are you ready to bring the heat this summer? Or are you unsure of which trends to rock? There is definitely no shortage of trends this season, but be ware. Some of them scream WTFWYW?. Still, a few of those borderline-faux-pas and questionable duds can be turned into hits. Forget what you thought about colored chinos and shorts shorter than shants. That’s right, we’re embracing some of summer’s risky trends. If you want to look fresh in this blazing weather and are feeling adventurous, look no further.  Check out our 10 Style Risks of the Summer.

Reflective Sunglasses

With the right shape (we prefer Wayfarers), reflective sunglasses can go from crazy-looking sunnies to a hit with the ladies.

Colored Chinos

Think red (or green or mustard or blue). Just not head-to-toe. The key to doing color below is keeping it simple up top.

Tank Tops

Show off those guns in a striped tank top and stay cool with the ladies. But remember to leave the muscle tanks at home.

Going sockless

Pair your cuffed chinos or shorts with boat shoes, espadrilles, oxfords or canvas sneakers for the perfect summer look.


Lean with it, rock with it. Pairing your trilby with a casual look will be enough to get you attention from everyone, everywhere. We DON’T need you to go Frank Sinatra on us.

Denim Shorts

Mid-length denim shorts, cuffed or not, Pharell co-signs the look.

Floral Prints

Real men wear floral prints. Wear them up top if they’re small and muted.

Leopard print

Wear it with confidence.


Put your best foot forward, sockless, of course.

Nautical Bracelet

Who says men can’t wear bracelets? We like them braided, stacked and sometimes colorful. Make sure you keep it simple with a basic tee and jeans.



Mid-length denim shorts, cuffed or not, Pharell co-signs the look.