Why don’t you think Jamel named people in his works?
We’re talking about street culture, we’re not talking about hip-hop. Hip-hop is just a word. We’re talking about guys who are significant on a certain block because of who they are and what they do. And because Jamel was working at Rikers, he was seeing the same people moving into Rikers and back out on the street, and that’s part of the street culture. And that’s something we can’t talk about. You can’t talk about people that are in prison. You can, but you don’t. It’s like fight club: the first rule in fight club is “you don’t talk about fight club.” And you understand that. That’s the first rule of being on the street. You don’t go flapping your mouth about who somebody was, about you just saw them do this or do that, so…how do you make a movie about that?