If you're in Paris between June 18 and August 7, put Gaîté Lyrique's upcoming show, Public Domaine, Skateboard Culture on your list. The actual exhibit showcases art from all mediums: photography, movie shorts, video games, installations, and on top of that, they've got a skate spot inside the museum where skate teams will be visiting and where newbies can get in on a crash course in the sport. Musical performances from Dinosaur Jr, Boys Noize, Anti-Pop Consortium, and Bad Shit are scheduled, and the party list includes Go Skateboard Day on June 21, Etnies' 25th anniversary on the 30th, "30 years of Thrasher Skate Rock" on July 2nd, and the Chosen Party by Nike SB on July 7. It's gonna be a hot summer, book your ticket. [Public Domaine]

3 bis rue Papin
75003 Paris

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