NAME: DorkDork

OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer / Musician


BLAZER: The Vinyl Rebellion

SHIRT: Polo Ralph Lauren

PANTS: Gucci

BOOTS: Vivienne Westwood

What’s the one thing you’d change about L.A.? Gang violence, poverty, and the way L.A. is seen in fashion.

Favorite thing about living here? There’s so much opportunity if you are willing to take advantage of it. For me,
it’s entertainment.

Who inspires your style?, Prince, Michael Jackson, Andre 3000, Jeremy Scott, Kanye West, Basquiat, and Andy Warhol.

Favorite hangout? The Bourgeois Pig café and this underground store/club called Freak City L.A.

Favorite website?

Dream job? To be one of the best designers or musicians that has ever lived.