Saul Bass achieved huge successes creating iconic logo designs for corporate America, but the graphic designer moved to film later in life. Rather than using the redundant "identification tag"-style that was commonly used for movie opening credits during the early ’50s, Bass was a pioneer in modernizing opening title sequences. During his 40-year career designing for film, Bass worked with some of the most epic directors, from Stanley Kubrick to Martin Scorsese, Otto Preminger, and Alfred Hitchcock.

A Bass title sequence immediately silences the audience and prepares them for what was about to unfold. The native New Yorker's prolific portfolio remains timeless, and his legacy lives on today through streetwear appropriations, text book teachings, and art school imitations. There are many sick Saul Bass films, but click on to see what we think are Saul Bass' 10 greatest title sequences.

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